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FAFSA Information

Most universities request the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  It opens up on October 1st.  You can start this process by visiting beginning October 1st.  Below are some items that you will need to have in order to process the application:

  1. Federal income tax returns
  2. State income tax returns
  3. W-2 forms and/or other records of money earned
  4. Records of untaxed incomes such as welfare, social secuirty, AFDC or ADC, veteran’s benefits
  5. Current bank statements
  6. Records of medial and dental bills
  7. Business and farm records
  8. Records of stocks, bonds, and other investments

Early application may result in a more attracive aid package as it’s first come, first served.  Keep photocopies of all completed forms and any correspondence with the financial aid office.

Be sure to visit the THS College and Career tab on the website for more information.  You can always speak with your counselor or the college and career readiness coordinator in the Counselor’s office.