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College Visits

As a Senior, you are allowed 2 College Day visits.  BEFORE you go, you are required to stop by the front office or the Counselor’s office to ge a College Day Visit form.  APrincipal or Counselor has to sign before you go to verify attendance and grades.  Once the form has been signed, you are required to take this form with you to the College and have a college representative sign the form for verification.  You will then take the form to the Attendance clerk or Registar’s office so that your attendance will be updated.  

If you do not get a form, your attendance will not be excused.  If a parent calls to verify they know about your attendance without the form, this absence will count against the total number allowed each Block.  A student has to be present 90% of the Block or a student is in jeopardy of loosing credit.

Please click on the following link to download the college day form.  There are 2 per page as you only have 2 allowed as excused visits.  If you have any questions, please call the school at 405-381-2396.

College Visit Approval Form: