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Existing Family - ANNUAL UPDATES

Please log into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal to complete the Existing Student Enrollment Registration:

From the Main Menu:

Click “MORE”

Click “START” for 22-23 School Year ANNUAL ENROLLMENT

Please note the if your student lives in 2 different households, the primary residence within Tuttle School District will be responsible for completing the Annual Update.  If you are both in the Tuttle School District, please let us know which parent will be the primary residence.  Each year in July, we will send out a link.  Make sure your phone number and email address is up to date in your Parent Portal.

Residency Verification will be completed within the Annual update for Existing Students.  Be sure to have the following documents ready when completing the update:

  1.  (2) Proofs of residency:
    • Must be any two current bills servicing the property you are living in within the Tuttle School district.  The bills must include parent/guardian(s) name and service address (trash, electric, water, mortgage, lease agreement, residential sales contract, paystub).  If you are a parent/guardian that can not provide this information in your name, you will be required to complete a Residency Affidavit which the homeowner or person you are living with must sign.  Please come directly to the Administration office if this is your living situation or call 405-381-2605 for more information.
    • Must be a .jpg or .pdf document that is uploaded.

If you have any questions regarding enrollment, please call our Administration Office at 405-381-2605 or our High School Registrar at 405-381-2396 or email,